Episode 437 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Breaking Records and Hearts  – Ali Adnan, Jake Nerwinski, Canada’s World Cup and Olympic qualifiers)

Episode 437 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Breaking Records and Hearts – Ali Adnan, Jake Nerwinski, Canada’s World Cup and Olympic qualifiers)

The latest AFTN Soccer Show is out for another packed show of Vancouver Whitecaps, MLS, and Canadian national team chat.

We kick things off in Whitecapsland as we look at the big stories of the week from fixtures to friendlies to loan deals and squad depth, plus we have a chat with a couple of the ‘Caps’ full backs as we talk Iraqi football with Ali Adnan and competition for places with Jake Nerwinski. Plus we talk Texan derbies with Austin FC’s Claudio Reyna.

Moving on to the international stage, we look at Canada’s two big wins in World Cup qualifiers, the disappointment of the U23 failing to reach the Olympics, and we hear from John Herdman, Mauro Biello, Samuel Piette, David Norman Jr, and Tajon Buchanan as we talk about a whole number of topic coming out of both camps.

All this plus Football Violence Awareness month wraps up in Wavelength with The Gonads and we have music from Russian hardbass artists of the month DLB, Russian witchcore band Ic3peak, and Toronto’s Kiwi Jr.

Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

06.45: Whitecaps gruelling schedule fully revealed – with audio from MDS
17.16: Ali Adnan audio and Whitecaps internationals discussion
30.54: Fans returning to BC Place and other stadiums
37.03: Can MLS rivalry games draw the crowds back featuring audio from Austin FC’s Claudio Reyna
45.37: Whitecaps Chatter – friendlies lined up, Khmiri goes on loan, squad depth
53.55: Jake Nerwinski interview
66.29: Wavelength – The Gonads – Tuckers Ruckers Ain’t No Suckers
73.45: Canada World Cup qualifying chat – with audio from John Herdman and Samuel Piette
115.00: Canadian U23 chat – with audio from Mauro Biello, David Norman Jr, Tajon Buchanan, and John Herdman

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Murray at 14:31

    Another good show. As for your end of show question, I am not a fan of One Soccer for the National Teams. Personally, I did not pay for these matches. I would maybe consider paying a one day fee to view games that are more compelling. I am not interested in paying to watch CPL soccer. I am a soccer fan, but I can get my fill, for now, with better quality video and better quality announcers on TV. And I am sold on the sport.

    There are 100,000 players of this sport in Alberta. I imagine the number is close to that in BC and far greater in Quebec and Onterrible. There are more registered soccer players in Canada than hockey players. That is a large potential audiene for the national teams. I can understand them not being a big draw in years past. The quality wasn’t there. But now, this team is compelling but you don’t draw those young players in by having them beg their parents to pay to stream a National Team game so they can watch Alphonso Davies or Jordan Huitema, if those kids even know that One Soccer exists.

    One of the first rules of marketing is go to where your customers are. I am pretty sure that One Soccer is not where alot of potential soccer viewers are hanging out. Canada Soccer is missing a huge opportunity to boost the culture of the game in the country with this talent pool right now by hiding their produt behind a poorly streamed paywall.

    And having the One Soccer announcers promot subscriptions on their broadcasts? The only people who can watch them are already subscribing. Maybe only for 1 day, but still…..not the best tactic to bring in new viewers.

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