Episode 531 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Hot Chocolate Weather with special guest Vanni Sartini)

Episode 531 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Hot Chocolate Weather with special guest Vanni Sartini)

We’re back with another packed show of Vancouver Whitecaps, Major League Soccer, Canadian Premier League, and Canadian soccer chat.

The Whitecaps offseason is officially underway, with some squad decisions already announced, some still being considered, and the planning for a 2023 season that will be fought on four fronts already in full flow.

We look at the news coming out so far, plus sit down for our second annual end of season chat with Whitecaps head coach Vanni Sartini. How did he view this past season? Did the Canadian Championship win see the team take a step forward or did their MLS standing see them regress? What did he learn about himself as a coach this year? Was he too slow to make the necessary changes, especially defensively? And how much change is needed for next year to compete? We talk about all of that and a lot more in a 40 minute chat.

The MLS and CPL seasons are getting close to their end, with the two conference finals set in the former and the championship game set in the latter. We look at the matches that got them to that stage, and we bring you some postgame audio from a seething Tommy Wheeldon Jr as refereeing decisions play a big part in Cavalry’s downfall.

Plus we chat about Canada’s draw for the 2023 Women’s World Cup and the latest loggerheads between Canada Soccer and the Canadian men’s national team that leaves a dark cloud over the preparation for the upcoming World Cup.

Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

02.47: The tragic passing of Masato Kudo
09.28: Good Women’s World Cup draw for Canada
12.50: Canada Soccer and CanMNT still at loggerheads
32.16: Vanni Sartini interview
77.55: Unpacking Vanni and Axel’s end of season comments
101.23: MLS playoff round-up
125.35: CPL playoff round-up
138.45: Wavelength – Apocalypse Babys – Harry Kane

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Authored by: Michael McColl

There are 3 comments for this article
  1. The Village Servant at 14:39


    (59:52) Bullshit! and thanks for reading Vanni. Does money sit on the bench? No, it plays on the pitch. These are the teams and their top player salaries for the 2022 season by their ranking according to The Athletic.

    7. NYCFC, $15.54 36. Thiago Martins, $1,962,000.
    11. LAFC, $14.56 11. Carlos Vela, $4,050,000.
    13. Austin, $13.75 25. Sebastian Driussi, $2,317,000.
    18. Vancouver, $11.95 27. Ryan Gauld, $2,265,000.
    19. Philadelphia, $11.81 49. Mikael Uhre, $1,582,500.

    Philly is the outlier. NYCFC looks like they spread the money around the best. LA throws it around freely. Take Ryan away, what do you have? Money makes a difference.

    Your Starting 11 should be the highest paid players on the team. If they don’t produce as expected (Lucas Cavallini), move them on. That’s all I’m saying.

    Your Village Servant

  2. The Village Servant at 14:46

    I hope this makes more sense.

    #7. NYCFC, $15.54m – #36. Thiago Martins, $1,962,000.
    #11. LAFC, $14.56m – #11. Carlos Vela, $4,050,000.
    #13. Austin, $13.75m – #25. Sebastian Driussi, $2,317,000.
    #18. Vancouver, $11.95m – #27. Ryan Gauld, $2,265,000.
    #19. Philadelphia, $11.81m – #49. Mikael Uhre, $1,582,500.

  3. Michael McColl Author at 02:36

    Makes total sense and thank you for the comments you leave. Appreciate it.

    We’ve been bad here for having high value players sit on the bench for numerous seasons and with our depth sometimes not being great, that’s a luxury a team like Vancouver simply can’t afford.

    I would hope this will change under the new regime and the recent additions would suggest that more often than not the higher earners/best players will be playing.

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