Playing For The Jersey(s)

Seattle Sounders unveiled their new third jersey today.

“It’s electric” declared the headline. Only in the shock sense. It’s hideous, unless you’re of a Norwich City persuasion or have trouble seeing in the dark.

I really don’t see the point. Then again, I’m an old traditionalist who doesn’t like clubs bringing out third strips at the best of times. No matter whether it be the Caps or anyone else.

Only exception I make to this is if it’s for some nod to a historical event and even then there’s limitations and should really be incorporated into the main home or away kit.

Sounders owner/GM Adrian Hanauer said of the kit that “It’s another opportunity to make a statement about our brand”. Whenever I see a team bring out a third strip, the only statement it makes to me is that they want to fleece as much money out of the fans as possible.

Of course the unveiling of any new strip at this moment in time just gets us more excited about the new Whitecaps MLS jerseys.

There’s still no firm date as to when these will be revealed, but the clever money is on sometime in June. We still don’t know too much about them apart from that there will be a sponsor and Bob Lenarduzzi has indicated that the new strips and Club crest will be in a new, modern, refreshing and exciting direction, unlike anything before in the Club’s history.

I find this exciting (yeah I know I need to get out more and it goes against my traditionalistic views) but I’m sure some won’t be pleased with the final result if it’s too far removed from what we’ve had before.

There’s been rumours of navy blue as a colour, which pleases the Scot in me, and a multitude of possible sponsors, but it looks like we still have a few weeks before we’ll find out for definite.

As long as we don’t have a pointless third strip and there’s no colours that make us look like a lifesaver ice lolly then we’re doing better than Seattle already.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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