Promoting Football The North American Way – Part 2

Promoting Football The North American Way – Part 2

On April 15th in the Blog, we asked if Scottish clubs could boost attendances by taking a leaf out of how some North American clubs promote themselves.

Obviously good football on the pitch plays a big role in getting bums on seats, but that aside using fans to promote the matchday experience to other fans is quite popular over in Canada and the US.

The original question came about when I got the opportunity to take part in a new advertising campaign that the Vancouver Whitecaps were running. The final ads are now finished and live around the city. Here’s how they turned out (you can click them to enlarge the pic). I think they’re excellent and capture the importance of fans in the game. An importance that is missing from the other big North American sports. Would they make you give up watching the game on tv and head to a game? Hopefully and it would be fun to have something similar at Bayview or wherever else:

Authored by: Michael McColl

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