Caps Fail To Get Job Done

Going in to tonight’s match at Saputo Stadium in Montreal, the Caps knew exactly what they had to do. Win.

It didn’t matter if it was by a barrowload or a scrappy one goal counter, the three points were all that mattered if they were still to harbour hopes of lifting the 2010 Voyageurs Cup.

Buoyed by a 2-0 victory at home to Rochester over the weekend, that belied the Caps pressure and possession in the game, the most pleasing aspects were that we got ourselves back on the scoresheet again and Jay Nolly and the backline increased their time without conceding a goal to a staggering 418 minutes.

The big question surrounding tonight’s match of course was which version of Montreal Impact would turn up. As it turned out it was a slightly weaker version of their first team, but still a strong line up. On paper at least. On grass it turned out they were shit.

Vancouver dominated the first half, but apart from Cornelius Stewart forcing Whitecaps reject Serj Djekanovic into a great point blank save after 9 minutes, we had little to show for all their possession and seven shots.

With no changes at half time, the Caps continued where they left off and dictated the play, getting their reward five minutes into the half when Ansu Toure drove home from just inside the box, with the help of an Impact deflection.

1-0 Caps and cue wild celebrations on the west coast.

The worst thing Vancouver could do now was to sit back and try and defend their lead. It’s just not something we seem capable of doing. Thankfully they didn’t and continued to push for a clinching second goal.

Vancouver joy lasted twelve minutes though when Montreal equalised against the run of play. Philippe Billy was left shockingly unmarked at the back of the box and drilled home an Eddie Sebrango pass.

Game back on.

Vancouver kept pushing and kept dominating whilst Montreal seemed bizarrely content to timewaste whilst drawing a meaningless match for them.

As the game went into the last ten minutes, Montreal decided to start to play some football and had some chances to kill of the game and Vancouver’s hopes. As it turned out, Vancouver managed to do that themselves.

With the clock ticking down, Montreal reminded everyone why they are Canada’s shame, continuing to waste time, clearly happy to finish bottom of the table again.

The final whistle gave Toronto their second successive Canadian Championship, leaving Vancouver to wonder about the what ifs and face a meaningless game in Toronto next week.

Disappointing all round. We can’t paper over that fact. At least in tonight’s game though Vancouver left the field with some honour still intact.

*** POSTNOTE – Just to add a wee edit, as we touch on in the comments below, since the original post was made as I was going out the door and was pissed off! Vancouver got what they deserved due to their impotent attack. There’s no taking away from that. We did not score enough goals and have no-one to blame but ourselves. Toronto deserve the Championship this year. Hopefully that should make us hungrier next year. Mon the Caps ***

Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Anonymous at 03:14

    Ha Ha!! Blaming the Limp Act for wasting time…Right, keep telling yourselves that's the reason you lost. See you in TO next week where we'll field our B team, hoist the cup and party like it's …1986? lol

  2. Anonymous at 03:39

    get a grip. Four games and four draws. You reap what you sow. All the Whitecraps had to do today was go into Montreal and win by 1. TFC had to win by four and did it with a goal to spare in 2009.

    Grow up and get over yourselves.

  3. Anonymous at 04:29

    Toronto FC, pride of Canada!

  4. GoF at 04:33

    Don't get me wrong. We lost because we couldn't score enough throughout the whole tournament. Plain and simple. I'll put my hands up and say I should have added that in the original blog post.

    We got what we deserved with our impotent attack. It's our own fault we didn't win.

    TFC did what they needed to do in their 3 games so far and that's why they're champions. Well done to them.

    As for Montreal. They're still timewasting scum and a disgrace to Canadian football and nothing will make me feel any different to that fact.

  5. Krammerhead at 05:11

    If Toronto FC is the pride of Canada why do all the TFC supporter arseholes that post commments here do so anonymously?

    Is it cowardice, embarrassment over supporting a horrible MLS team, or just that they are too incompetent to learn how to post otherwise?

  6. football gifts at 06:53

    hey great site for the Vancouver Southsiders, I'll follow the forum too, thanks.

  7. Ace at 13:21

    @ kramerhead

    you must be completely daft talking smack about any other team when your's completely shit the bed throughout the tournament.

    bitter much?

  8. Anonymous at 21:49

    Toronto FC, Pride of Canada! …krammerhead, sorry for posting anonymously haha, next time I'll be less cowardly and post my real name, address etc etc. ps. is Krammerhead your first name or your last name?

  9. Rory Delap at 22:15

    “As for Montreal. They're still timewasting scum and a disgrace to Canadian football and nothing will make me feel any different to that fact.”

    Montreal wanted to knock the WhiteCaps out of the tournament. By playing careful in the last 5 minutes, they could guarantee such an elimination would take place.

    If Montreal is the “disgrace” of Canadian soccer, Vancouver is the embarrassment of Canada based on all the whining and excuses.

  10. Johnnie Monster at 22:19

    Vancouver shit the bed, no question about it.

    Montreal are a gutless pack of time wasting cunts.

    That's not making excuses. That's just stating the obvious – a polished turd is still a turd.

    Since Dos Santos took over, Montreal has wasted vast amounts of time with dives, phony injuries, keeper delays and the same corner keep-away shit they pulled against Vancouver. I'm not talking about V Cup matches, I'm talking about league matches too.

    They disgraced the V Cup last year by not giving enough of a shit to field a proper side and put in an effort for the home fans in a rivalry match.

    They disgraced themselves this year but talking a big game about not pulling that shit again, and yet here we go again. Backup keeper, starters on the bench, and NEEDLESS TIME WASTING.

    Vancouver choked, no doubt. But they play every game to win, and they play with class and sportsmanship. Montreal's fans deserve much better than the shameful shit-show Dos Santos is helming.

    Congrats to TFC. Their win is well deserved. Good luck dodging the flying bags of Honduran piss!

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