The Good, The Average and The Bad: Galaxy Full Of Crap Edition

The Good, The Average and The Bad: Galaxy Full Of Crap Edition

Another game and another less than stellar performance where the Whitecaps didn’t have much of a chance in hell of winning from the time the referee blew the opening whistle. It’s hard as supporters of this team to see these lacklustre results time and time again, yet expecting a different and better result every time.

With the impending departure of Octavio Rivero down to Colo-Colo and the injury to Masato Kudo, it leaves the cupboard bare for attacking options. With Blas Perez sitting on the bench the past three games and having Carl Robinson starting Erik Hurtado, it has people questioning why Perez isn’t starting for this team.

The biggest problem this season has for sure been the overall defensive effort of the back four on the pitch. This game wasn’t any different for the Whitecaps. All the defenders seemed to be one step too slow and one step too far away from the Galaxy forwards. Kendall Waston was too slow to Robbie Keane on the first goal and Jordan Harvey was caught behind when he got bumped on the second Galaxy goal.

With the high number of games coming up in July it is time for this team to get their shit together or it’s going to be a long slide down the Western Conference standings and they might dig a hole that they can’t get out of.

Let’s take a look at The Good, The Average and The Bad: Galaxy Full of Crap Edition…


It Can’t Get Any Worse (Can It?)

With the transfer window opening Monday, and the moves that will hopefully be made by Robinson this summer, can it get any worse? It can’t, can it?

Octavio Rivero is gone. Do they have a decent replacement lined up to come in? Will this replacement make an immediate impact? No-one really knows the answer to this question. All we know is the Whitecaps won’t be spending huge money on a world class striker.

Maybe it is time to give some of the USL players some quality MLS minutes. Kyle Grieg, Daniel Haber and Alphonso Davies all deserve a MLS contract. The Whitecaps could make space on the roster by getting rid of Erik Hurtado, Deybi Flores and Jordan Smith. All three of them have struggled this season and aren’t making positive impacts for this team.


The Whitecaps Effort This Season

The beginning of this season I picked the Whitecaps to finish in second place in the Western Conference. Boy was I wrong about this team. I had high hopes based on how they finished last season. After seeing the quality of play so far in the first half of this year, I can see the Whitecaps finishing between 5th and 7th to end this season.

Their lack of defensive quality will be the biggest hurdle for this team to overcome in the second half of the season. If it means bringing in a Marcel De Jong or David Edgar and moving out a Jordan Smith, Jordan Harvey or even Kendall Waston, it could shake the team up enough to give them the kick in the ass they are needing.

In the midfield it seems that the pair of Matias Laba and Andrew Jacobson are not gelling like Robinson hoped for when he made the move to bring Jacobson in. Could Russell Teibert be moved on to give more minutes to Kianz Froese? With Ben McKendry getting more MLS gameday squad opportunities, there is a log jam at defensive midfield and these young Canadians need a chance.


No Defence, No Defence, No Defence

Two mistakes and two goals against for the Whitecaps defenders last night.

On the first goal, once Steven Gerard found Robbie Keane so wide open, Kendall Waston was too far away and didn’t step up properly to get in the way of the shot. This isn’t the first time Waston has done that this season.

It is looking more and more like Waston has caught Jay DeMerit disease this season in MLS. DeMerit was too physical in the eyes of MLS referees and he was too slow in parts of the game. All of these made DeMerit retire from MLS when his game no longer suited the play in the league.

This season Waston is in the same boat, he is being punished for his size too often. Every time someone he goes up against falls down, he gets called for the foul. Other than dominating on clearances in the air, the rest of his game is a few steps too slow in and around the box.

The second goal was a play where Jordan Harvey needed to be more physical and man up. Too many times this season the opposing team has scored and all the Whitecaps defenders do is bitch, whine and moan to the referees after the fact.

Plain and simple it is time for these Whitecaps players to stop messing around, work as a team and get their goalkeeper a clean sheet and continue moving forward from there.

Authored by: Aaron Campbell

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  1. JustoMLS at 18:58

    Now is time to be brutally honest, as the first half of the season is gone.

    I really cannot fathom why the Caps cannot play a 4-4-2? Why not play Manneh and Pérez up top, and Morales, Laba, Mezquida, and Bolaños behind them. The most common formation is Latin America is the 4-4-2, and many of the Caps’ players are from Latin America. I can’t believe that they play the 4-2-3-1 because they suck at the 4-4-2…

    I have always advocated experimenting early, and learning from mistakes in order to build-up momentum towards the back half of the season, but now we are entering into the back half of the season, and experimentation is more risky in terms of potentially costing points.


  2. JustoMLS at 18:59

    P.S. Good post 🙂

  3. Rhm at 05:39

    When a defender makes a mistake it ends up in a goal. When a forward makes a mistake (misses a goop chance)..people say “meh”. The caps had 20+ shots, 4 on target…the really really SHIT on this team are the forwards and Robbo’s offensive knowledge and tactics.

    July will determine whether Robbo is fired at the end of the year.

    Ps: And yes rich Yahoo boy Mallet is too cheap to spend money

  4. Aaron Campbell at 05:03

    I don’t think Robbo’s job is in jeopardy no matter what happens this season. But I do think he should be harder on his players when they shit the bed in these games they should win.

    Let’s see what they do this summer transfer window and see moving forward if this team gets better.

  5. Rhm at 16:36

    Dear Mr Robinson

    Make the playoffs or you’re fired.

  6. Ron at 10:38

    Speaking of shit, I just came across this article. It is a shit article by a shit writer in a shit website. The premise is flawed and the writing is appalling. This is not a professional article and I would be surprised if this writer calls himself a journalist. Amateur at best.

  7. JustoMLS at 13:04

    Ron – this is an opinion piece. If you do not like the writer’s opinion, then don’t read it.

    I don’t care for your comment, because I find it offensive, attacking, and provides no substance. However, it is your opinion, and I believe in the freedom of speech, so I respect it, even though I do not agree with it.

  8. Aaron Campbell at 00:45


    I have never said I was a journalist and never will. Well you are entitled to your opinion it’s pretty simple, if you don’t like what is written on AFTN you don’t need to read it.

    I am a fan of the Whitecaps and have been lucky to have places like AFTN Canada, Prost Amerika and Radio Cascadia to write articles and do podcasts about the team.

    After almost four years at AFTN and writing these The Good, The Average & The Bad articles I think I will continue to do so.

    I do look forward to all your comments and article page views in the future for us at AFTN Canada.


    Aaron Campbell
    (Not a journalist, just someone with a opinion and a place to post it).

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