Timewasting: MLS Back Catalogue – The Beatles

Timewasting: MLS Back Catalogue – The Beatles

Every few weeks we bring you “MLS Back Catalogue”, where AFTN revisits artists’ discographies, authors’ bibliographies and different genres of music, books and films, all re-imagined with the current and recent players and managers of Major League Soccer. And this week, also future!

And it’s all done in a full ‘Top of the Pops’ style top ten countdown.

We were inspired with our feature today by the Whitecaps MLS Reserve League game on Monday and the appearance of a certain Residency player for the Caps.

Watch out for him featuring as we bring you today’s MLS Back Catalogue by The Beatles….


(10) Adrian Cann Buy Me Love

(9) A Hard Day’s Wes Knight

(8) Blue Jay Nolly Way

(7) Marco Pappa’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

(6) Jamison Olave Me Do

(5) Justin Morrow Never Knows

(4) I Want To Hold Your Hans Backe

(3) I Am The Tyson Wahlrus

(2) Magical Miss Terry Dunfield Tour

(1) Back In The Yassin Essa

Some MLS tidbits…

– We thought number two was particularly appropriate because when we think of Terry Dunfield in Vancouver, we still think of that penalty miss.

– Portland’s Darlington Nagbe is just crying out for an Eleanor Rigby pastiche.

– An unconfirmed rumour suggests that Joe Cannon’s favourite Beatles song is “All You Need Is Glove”.

– The Portland fans prefer “Spenny Lane”

– But for Montreal Impact fans, by the end of the season it is clearly going to be “Help”.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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