Timewasting: MLS Back Catalogue – The Smiths

Timewasting: MLS Back Catalogue – The Smiths

Football and music have always gone hand in hand with AFTN. We even used to produce a free local music scene pull-out back in our fanzine days.

Keeping this bond, every few weeks we bring you “MLS Back Catalogue”, where AFTN revisits artists’ discographies and writers’ bibliographies, re-imagined with the current and recent players of Major League Soccer. And all done in a full ‘Top of the Pops’ style top ten countdown.

Today our MLS Back Catalogue comes from The Smiths….


(10) Evan Bush Knows I’m Miserable Now

(9) The Boy With Zach Thornton In His Side

(8) Last Night I Dreamt That Sammy Ochoa Loved Me

(7) Brek Sheakespeare’s Sister

(6) That Dejan Jakovic Isn’t Funny Anymore

(5) There Is A Chris Albright That Never Goes Out

(4) Sheila Take A Tristen Bowen

(3) William Hesmer It Was Really Nothing

(2) This Charming Kenny Mansally

(1) Hassoun Camara Is Now

Any songs that could come into the chart as new entries? Leave your suggestions below.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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