Timewasting: MLS Team Of The Week #11  – Bread XI

Timewasting: MLS Team Of The Week #11 – Bread XI

Every week we feel like doing it, we think of a subject for a football team to be based around, then fill it with our starting eleven of current and recent MLS players with some appropriate name changes, or even better, just as is!

Your scouting job is to come up with the subs bench, from any player from around the world, and leave your player suggestions in the comments section.

Hunger Games is released in cinemas today. Saw a midnight showing in the wee, small hours of this morning. Excellent stuff.

Hunger Games is set in the nation of Panem, which means bread in Latin. Very apt. When I’m hungry, I like some bread, especially toast. Spookily, today is also National Toast Day! Coincidence or great marketing? You decide!

So, with all this in mind, our “MLS Team of the Week” this time around is the “Bread XI”


GK: Nick Rimandough (Real Salt Lake)

D : Chris Cob (DC United)
D : Rye Harden (Toronto)
D : Nana Ciabattakora (San Jose Earthquakes – kinda)

M : Brek Focashea (Dallas)
M : Luis Bagil (Real Salt Lake)
M : Nick ChallahBrocca (Chivas)
M : Panettone Tchani (Columbus Crew)

F : Orr Brioche (Chicago Fire)
F : Chapati Noonaan (LA Galaxy – double whammy!)
F : Baguettienne Barbara (Vancouver Whitecaps)

Manager: Steve Pumpernicol

It’s a team that commands a lot of dough. Good job Bimbo are their shirt sponsor.

If you want to see them rise to the occasion soon, don’t fret. There’s a friendly lined up in the summer against Yeast Fife.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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