Timewasting: MLS Team Of The Week #13  – Birds XI

Timewasting: MLS Team Of The Week #13 – Birds XI

Every week we feel like doing it, we think of a subject for a football team to be based around, then fill it with our starting eleven of current and recent MLS players with some appropriate name changes, or even better, just as is!

Your scouting job is to come up with the subs bench, from any player from around the world, and leave your player suggestions in the comments section.

We always try and tie our “MLS Team of the Week” in with the day that we announce it. Today was a problem, as trying to come up with a team based around ‘National Pineapple Upside-down Cake Day’ was proving somewhat difficult, so thankfully it was also ‘Cuckoo Day’ today.

So with this in mind, we thought what better time to bring your our “Birds XI” and not a member of the CWNT in sight…


GK: Jay Nolly (Chicago Fire)

D : Adrian Toucann (Toronto)
D : Condor Lade (New York Red Bulls)
D : Ostrich Balchan (Columbus Crew)

M : Dan Parakeat (Los Angeles Galaxy)
M : Dilly Ducka (Columbus Crew)
M : Stephen Kingfisher (DC United)
M : Luis Eagil (Real Salt Lake)
M : Julian De Gooseman (Toronto)

F : Chad Parrot (Los Angeles Galaxy)
F : Cockateal Bunbury (Kansas City)

Coach : Sand Martin Rennie (Vancouver Whitecaps)

This team will soon be climbing the pecking order and sitting top of the perch. No doubt ruffling a few feathers along the way and giving away a lot of fowls.

Shame the Caps don’t still have Charles G’Beke and Jonathan Feathers.

New York’s Rafa Marquez nearly made the team, on account of him being one giant tit.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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