Timewasting: MLS Team Of The Week # 31 – A Whitecaps Christmas XI

Timewasting: MLS Team Of The Week # 31 – A Whitecaps Christmas XI

We’ve always enjoyed doing our fun team of the week feature on AFTN, and recently brought it back on the radio show. I don’t know if anyone else enjoys them, but I enjoy putting them together!

Couldn’t believe it’s been over two years that we did one on the site, so thought we need to remedy that and what better time than at Christmas, with the view to bringing it back more regularly next year.

For those that don’t know what this section is, we think of a subject for a football team to be based around, then usually fill it with our starting eleven of MLS players with some appropriate name changes, or even better, just as is!

Your scouting job is to come up with the subs bench, from any player from around the world, and leave your player suggestions in the comments section.

So with the festive season now fully upon us, this week we bring you a “Whitecaps Christmas XI”, but we’re doing it a little bit differently than usual. Instead of going for players currently in MLS, and since we’ve been doing out Whitecaps of the Decade feature on the radio show, we’re basing the team on Whitecaps players that have played in MLS from 2011 to 2019. Can you add a few more?


GK: Jay Holly

D : Sean Frankincense
D : Candy Cane O’Brien
D : David Edgarland
D : Greggnog Klazura

M : Merry Dunfield
M : Wes Silent Knight
M : Yordy Reindeer

F : Sebastian Le Mistletoe
F : Tosanta Ricketts
F : Eric Hassleigh

Manager : Carol Robinson
President : Bauble Lenarduzzi

Hopefully the defence doesn’t give out too many presents and the manager gets the sack.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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