Top Ten ways the Whitecaps can put the spin into Fabian Espindola and his transfer fiasco

Top Ten ways the Whitecaps can put the spin into Fabian Espindola and his transfer fiasco

Well that was a fun few days. Probably not if you were in the Whitecaps front office and having to deal with the shambles that was unfolding, but for those looking in, all that was missing was an intervention by Dr Phil.

The official word is that Fabian Espindola was signed by the Whitecaps till the end of the season, but just as he was excitedly “preparing for my move to Vancouver”, in swooped Mexican side Necaxa, offered more money, the ‘Caps felt it was an offer they couldn’t refuse, and they quickly flipped him for an unknown profit (rumoured to be anything from upwards of $20,000). All in all, a great bit of wheeling dealing business that leaves then in the black.

The unofficial word, triggered by Ives Galarcep on Saturday, is that Espindola did not want to come to Vancouver, wasn’t going to come to Vancouver, and his agent worked quickly to get him another deal to get him the hell away from Vancouver.

Or maybe it was all just part of a promotional ruse for the HGTV show “Flip or Flop” and all will be revealed in a future episode. It would be great TV and although we don’t know who was responsible for it all on the Whitecaps side, whoever it was, they’d be the best flipper on television since that dolphin in the 60’s.

We’ll leave you to decide who, if anyone, put the spin in Espindola.

There is certainly a lot of it out there, along with a lot of questions from fans and media alike. How did this all really play out? Did Espindola refuse to join his new team? Did the ‘Caps speak with him about his feelings and plans before they signed him? When did Vancouver find out about the interest from the Mexican club? How much of this were DC aware of? How much input did MLS have in the dealings? Just what profit was made? And where do the ‘Caps go from here in terms of strengthening their attack with a proven commodity before the transfer window closes in just over a week? Phew, that’s a lot. So while you mull some of those over, here’s our “Top Ten ways to put the spin into Fabian Espindola and his transfer fiasco”….


(10) Where else can you make at least a 20% profit on your money in only six days?

(9) When fans look back in years to come, he’ll still be considered a better Whitecap than Mustapha Jarju

(8) At least we got to officially announce this one before he appeared wearing a Mexican team’s shirt

(7) The timing was perfect as the Canadian dollar has been rising against the Mexican peso these past few days

(6) It saves any awkward chats between Robbo and Espindola about the Falklands

(5) Didn’t want him to block any pathways for Alphonso Davies

(4) Did we mention we made a profit?

(3) The Whitecaps future disciplinary record instantly got better when he moved on

(2) He leaves tied with Erik Hurtado in Whitecaps goals this season

(1) Nobody’s talking about Camilo any more

Remember, goals are over rated. The beauty is in the struggle.

Authored by: Michael McColl

There are 2 comments for this article
  1. RHM at 05:14

    Well they put their typical Lenarduzzi circa 2013 camilo-fiasco spin on it. I don’t know what is more pathetic :
    That they believe fans are too stupid to see the spin or that they call 2Ok or even 100k “significant”.

    Kerfoot and Mallet should flip the team, take their 3,4 X profit and sell to a real ownership group with grown-up money (didn’t Aquilini contemplate a rival MLS bid before his divorce kinda took away his attention?)

  2. Pam Van Tine at 17:27

    This has front office stupidity written all over it. Nothing worse than lying to fans to save face.

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