Vancouver Whitecaps v Houston Dynamo – The We’re Better Than 2011 Story In Pictures

Vancouver Whitecaps v Houston Dynamo – The We’re Better Than 2011 Story In Pictures

Vancouver Whitecaps’ 2-1 win over Houston Dynamo on Saturday night saw them beat the 2011 ‘Caps record for wins and points, so they’re officially not the worst ever Whitecaps team in the MLS era. I’m pleased for MDS’ sake as that’s a record you don’t want, but does it feel like a better team? For me, In terms of quality, probably, in terms of entertainment, nope.

But a win is a win and that’s what the Whitecaps got thanks to a second half penalty from Inbeom Hwang and a last minute winner from Fredy Montero. Mauro Manotas had capitalised on a spill from Zac MacMath to tie things up, but overall it was a much needed morale boosting win for the ‘Caps as they look to finish the season strong.

AFTN photographers Tom (@ResidualImage) and Caroline (@FrogPhoto) were there to capture the action before, during, and after the game, plus some photos from the celebrity and alumni game beforehand. Here’s their “Story In Pictures”, with a full Flickr slideshow at the end.

It may not have been as star-studded as previous years but the latest Celebrities and Alumni match went down well with everyone in attendance

Your Whitecaps starting XI

Ali Adnan sums up the lack of action in the first half perfectly

But things livened up five minutes into the second as Michaell Chirinos was brought down on the edge of the box

The Whitecaps were a-plotting

Whether the plan was to just hit the ball as hard as possible into a Houston player to force a handball I don’t know, but it worked!

And referee Robert Sibiga pointed to the spot

Much to Houston’s anger – mass confrontation fine anyone?

It led to a video review but the decision was the same and the Whitecaps had a penalty

Up stepped Inbeom Hwang

Who fired it home to give the ‘Caps the lead

And over the boards Inbeom went to celebrate with the Southside

Picking up some popcorn but surprisingly not a yellow card

And it was almost two for the ‘Caps as Ali Adnan sent a low cross to the back post

Eluding Tosaint Ricketts, much to Adnan’s anger

And it was a miss that was punished 12 minutes from time when Zac MacMath spilled the ball

And Mauro Mantoas pounced to fire Houston level

The Dynamo had a couple of close calls in the final moments but the Whitecaps weren’t to be denied

And in the last minute of normal time, Fredy Montero brought down a high pass from Theo Bair

Firing the ball past Joe Willis

For his 7th of the season and the match winner

And you could see what it meant for both Fredy and the fans

You can see all of Tom and Caroline’s photos from the game HERE and in our full Flickr slideshow below:

2019 MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps v Houston Dynamo (14/09/19)

Authored by: Michael McColl

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