Vancouver’s General Football Loving Public Needs To Take A Serious Look At Themselves

Vancouver Whitecaps have a huge match tonight. You have to wonder though if the football loving Vancouver public actually care.

The Caps take the field against the Portland Timbers this evening at Swangard Stadium in the first leg of the USL1 playoff semi final. At the time of writing this the game is not a sell out.

When you consider the official capacity of Swangard is just over 5,200 and that Vancouver recorded a spate of sell outs (and over capacity matches) throughout the season, it’s very disappointing.

The last game of the season packed in over 5,600 fans for a meaningless game against the bottom placed side Cleveland.

The reason being offered up for the lack of ticket sales is that the Vancouver Canucks kick off their NHL season at Calgary – ON TELEVISION. Yes, the Vancouver general public can’t be arsed getting their fat arses off the couch to go and watch the most successful sports teams in the city’s history in a vital match.

With the Caps having almost 10,000 season ticket deposits for the MLS season in 2011, you do have to ask why these supposed football fans don’t want to watch the team now.

Eurosnobs? Major leaguers only? Scared of getting a bit wet in the rain on the bleachers?

In truth, it’s a combination of all this and it’s very sad to see. There’s also been very little column inches and air time dedicated to the Caps playoff run.

Vancouver Whitecaps are a winning sports team. They are a championship and trophy winning sports team. They are the pride of Vancouver and all of BC.

It’s just a shame that it’s only going to be when the Club go “big time” that most will care. It’s a sad indictment of North American sporting culture, but it’s their loss.

All we know that AFTN, the Southsiders and the rest of those in attendance tonight will be there to cheer the team on through thick and thin and it’ll be us that have the memories and stories to tell in years to come.

C’mon the Caps.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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