Episode 399 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Over The Turnstiles with guest Steven Agen)

Episode 399 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Over The Turnstiles with guest Steven Agen)

The latest AFTN Soccer Show is out and it’s another packed episode.

We’re joined by Radio Cascadia’s Steven Agen this week to chat about the latest happenings in and around MLS.

The details of the Orlando tournament have been revealed. Vancouver Whitecaps and Seattle Sounders will meet in a Cascadia derby group game, but there’s still some health concerns surrounding the whole tournament as case numbers in Florida increase. We chat about all that and more, and hear from Don Garber, Marc Dos Santos, and Axel Schuster.

Also in this week’s show, we delve into there being a CONCACAF Champions League spot available to a Canadian team via MLS play, look at what this year’s Voyageurs Cup might look like, discuss the emotive subject of national anthems at club football matches, and more.

Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

07.22: From locked out to locked down – MLS Orlando tournament discussion with Steven Agen and audio from Don Garber
34.43: CCL berth available to a Canadian club via MLS play – with audio from Marc Dos Santos
60.18: The MLS tournament draw and the path ahead for Vancouver and Seattle
69.24: MDS on the five sub rule, the Florida weather, and what MLS broadcasts should look like at this time
78.59: More MLS Orlando tournament discussion with Zach
106.36: Wavelength – The Clay Faces – Football on the TV
111.55: National anthems at club football discussion
122.12: Around the World with Joe Corona

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Authored by: Michael McColl

There are 4 comments for this article
  1. RFA at 10:49

    I just read on the Caps web site that Mark Pannes is no longer with the club and Axel Schuster has been promoted to CEO and Sporting Director. As you gentlemen are closer to the action than I am, did they keep the yes man and get rid of the guy who would challenge people? or is this Covid 19 related?

  2. RFA at 16:00

    I’ve just watched the Q&A. Good job Michael, Jay, Har, Trevor, JJ, Simon, and Peter. Basically everyone. Admittedly, Covid-19 is a game changer, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking Jeff Mallet is smarmy.

  3. Michael McColl Author at 22:21

    Thanks RFA. It’s a baffling decision as far as I’m concerned. It makes no sense. If you want to combine jobs then the VP of Soccer Operations job and the Sporting Director makes the most sense. Instead you’re basically giving one man two full time jobs.

    If they had just said it was due to finances and cost cutting, some would have nodded and said, fair enough. Instead you now have more questions than answers, and the press conference provided a lot of chat but little substance.

    The Whitecaps have lost the best signing they had made of late. The supporter interaction and community involvement was what this club has needed for a long time. Very disappointed, but I’m certain Pannes will be snapped up soon by a team that’s lucky to get his expertise and passion.

  4. RFA at 10:51

    Thank you for responding to my comments/questions Michael. 100% agree about Pannes. When he was hired, I must have watched that press conference 10 times. Marks demeanor, cadence, and posture was impressive. Yes, this is very disappointing.

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