Episode 448 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Pushing Forward – Vancouver v Colorado, MLS round-up, concussion protocols and refereeing chat with Howard Webb and Ismael Elfath)

Episode 448 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Pushing Forward – Vancouver v Colorado, MLS round-up, concussion protocols and refereeing chat with Howard Webb and Ismael Elfath)

The latest AFTN Soccer Show is out for another packed show of Vancouver Whitecaps, MLS, and football chat.

The ‘Caps unbeaten start to the season ended in Sandy, Utah on Sunday night with a 1-0 loss to their altitude buddies from Colorado. We pick over the bones of the match, look at all the lows, and hear the postgame thoughts from both head coaches, Marc Dos Santos and Robin Fraser.

We also look at all of the action around the MLS Western Conference this weekend and look ahead to next Saturday’s Canadian derby with Montreal.

We turn our attention to refereeing for the rest of the show as we talk about the success of VAR in MLS and the introduction of concussion protocol substitutions as a trial this season. And can you scout referees the way you do opposing teams and players? We delve into all of that, plus we hear thoughts from PRO Referees GM Howard Webb, current MLS ref Ismael Elfath, Vice President of MLS Competitions Jeff Agoos, and MLS managers Marc Dos Santos and Jim Curtin.

All of this plus we open some more 2011 MLS Upper Deck cards and there’s music from show faves Werd (SOS) and DLB, Adam and the Ants begin their residency as our Artists of the Month, and Yukari Fresh features in this week’s Wavelength.

Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

01.21: Intro and football cards
08.34: Vancouver v Colorado postgame analysis
37.27 Coach audio – Marc Dos Santos and Robin Fraser
42.51: More Whitecaps chat
56.52: MLS weekly round-up
91.43: Howard Webb and Ismael Elfath talk VAR in MLS
112.18: Scouting MLS refs with audio from MDS and Jim Curtin
124.00: Concussion substitutions discussions featuring Howard Webb, Ismael Elfath, and Jeff Agoos
140.32: MDS talks concussion protocols and concussion subs
144.04: Wavelength – Yukari Fresh – Paul Scholes

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Authored by: Michael McColl

There are 3 comments for this article
  1. Murray at 13:34

    The reason Caio Alexandre wasn’t playing as a 10 was because he was havingg to drop back in the formation to get the ball because that is the only place Russell Teibert will pass the ball.

    Teibert was brutal. 0 defensive adtions according to whoscored and his passing map was a bevy of sidewards and backwards hospital passes, putting his teammates in trouble on multiple occasions. I am done with him as a CM or a LM. Done…. too many years of this. Enough.

    As for the penalty/non-penalty, I think you guys are correct looking at that play in isolation, it would have been a very soft penalty. However, given the context of the game and how other things were being called, it was a penalty. If you look at the “foul” that lead to Rubio’s tremendous free kick goal, that was a complete dive. Bikel didn’t even make contact on that play. As MDS commented when speaking about the officiating and VAR, it is about consistency.

  2. Murray at 13:53

    Comment 2.

    Sorry for the double up but…..

    I was sad to hear the news of Pete Schaad being let go. In my opinion, he was the best Soccer play-by-play announcer in the country and not just because he was the voice of the Whitecaps. He has the ability to keep the focus on the game, including keeping his colour guy focused, like no one else in the business.

    What really bothers me about this decision is how is Pete Schaad let go but Vic Rauter still has a job? Not only does Vic Rauter annoy soccer fans across the country, he pisses off curling fans just as much if not more. Just ask my mother.

  3. Michael McColl Author at 23:00

    Thanks for that Murray.

    Agree with all of that. Teibert doesn’t add anything in the middle of the park in terms of creativity and getting things going. Was happy enough with him being on the wing, although very far from ideal. just because it allows Guti to get forward and provide defensive cover.

    Hopefully we see Caio in his proper role this week.

    The TV play by play seems a big error on TSN’s part. When you look around the league, you see how back other places have it. Here, although Pete Schaad may not have been to everyone’s taste, you had a guy that has passion, knowledge in abundance, and actually cared about the team.

    I haven’t listened to Sekeres and Price much over the years, but when I did they didn’t exactly come across as big soccer guys. I genuinely don’t know if Price has called a soccer game before. If he hasn’t, national TV seems not the best place to start. It’s very different from calling hockey. I’d never dream of trying to go and call a hockey game.

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