Episode 475 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Flame Still Burning with special guest Vanni Sartini)

Episode 475 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Flame Still Burning with special guest Vanni Sartini)

The latest AFTN Soccer Show is out for another packed show of Vancouver Whitecaps and Canadian football chat.

It’s been another busy few days at club and country level and we have you covered with it in this episode.

We kick things off with a look at the Whitecaps’ latest win, a 2-1 come from behind victory at home to Austin FC. Is this the mark of a playoff side or has it been two wins against poor opposition? What’s behind another slow start and what can we take from a scintillating second half? We chat about all of this, plus we hear from the gaffer and look at the playoff picture in the MLS West.

Our feature interview for this episode is with the ‘Caps interim head coach Vanni Sartini. We chat with Vanni about growing up playing and as a football fan in Italy, his coaching background, his move to the US and coming on the Whitecaps’ radar, his coaching philosophies, and more. Plus we find out the most important thing, does he fancy a chocolate digestive?

Turning our attention to the international stage, we delve into the aftermath of Canada’s 1-1 draw with the US, look at what that means in terms of the other CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers, and chat about the farcical scenes in CONMEBOL between Brazil and Argentina.

Plus Werd (SOS) continues as our new Artist of the Month for September and Spanish band Non Servium are in Wavelength as Football Violence Awareness Month continues!

Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

01.31: Intro and football cards
07.08: Whitecaps v Austin postgame analysis
47.56: Vanni Sartini interview and discussion
86.06: Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive? – Vanni Sartini
91.25: USA v Canada postgame analysis
120.13: Wavelength – Non Servium – Hooligans

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Authored by: Michael McColl

There are 2 comments for this article
  1. Mark at 12:10

    Vanni Sartini comes across as thoughtful, qualified, if a bit over- amped on the sideline (that could be tough to sustain for a season.) Yet I look back at the article that you wrote after MDS was fired about 6 possible choices for next season and I was surprised that there wasn’t even a dickey bird about this in-house coach…

    I’m referring to an individual who spent 3.5 seasons as an MLS assistant coach, 10 matches as an interim head coach, badges up the proverbial and current Whitecaps U-19 coach, Nick Dasovic.

    Obviously that he wasn’t chosen for the interim position makes it unlikely for next year, but not mentioning him (I believe) in an article, a podcast, strikes me as an over-sight, might have been worth querying Axel on the previous podcast.

    Good work guys, and when there’s time to fill in the off -season, perhaps I’ll toss in a few names for interviews, segments….in fact, I’ll start with local author Devon Rowcliffe .

  2. Michael McColl Author at 13:37

    Hi Mark

    I had briefly considered including Daso but he hasn’t been involved with a MLS first team since 2014 and has never been a head coach. I just feel he’s from an older school of MLS coaching and not what the Whitecaps need right now (I also feel same about Ricardo Clarke but included him as an option). Daso as an assistant on the other hand, with his knowledge of the U23 set up would be excellent.

    We were actually meant to have Devon on the show when his book came out but then things happened and it never happened, but we still plan on chatting with his at some point this year.

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