Summit Or Nothing – What We Learned This Weekend

The best laid plans…

We meant to have this up yesterday, but who knows where the time went?

So before the Cascadia Summit is just a distant memory, let’s have a little reflection about what we learned from the weekend.

*** Omar Salgado is immense and mature before his years. He’s not going to be with us for long, so let’s enjoy him whilst we can

*** We have two excellent goalkeepers on the books. That’s a position many clubs would die to be in

*** Teitur has a huge headache re his starting line up and a number of players have staked a claim to be in it

*** Camilo Da Silva Sanvezzo looks the part. Hopefully he’ll be offered a MLS contract soon, as he could do some damage in this league

*** He also liked my new song for him, even though it proved to be a bit too complicated for those still in pre-season singing form

*** In general, trying to introduce new songs to drunk Southsiders is not the way to grow our songbook!

*** Team unity appears to be very high. The whole squad are in it for each other and already have a strong bond

*** The Southsiders Teitur portrait is going to be a big talking point this season!

*** For all the fuss about security issues and fear of crowd trouble, the weekend passed off withouth incident. TA smoke bombs may be an issue for some going forward

*** Why make a big deal about segregation and seperate entrances when you can walk anywhere in the stadium and share car parks?

*** The TA has way hotter girls than the ECS

*** The ECS seem to have more than their share of dicks

*** In general, the relationship with the ECS can be summed up by some of their guys complaining that three of our fans were in “their” beer garden. When asked what the problem was they replied “it’s against the rules”. The day before the Southsiders and the Timbers Army shared drinks, chat and songs in the same beer garden.

*** From things said and seen, the ECS also seem a bit obsessed with being the biggest supporters group in Cascadia with the biggest tifos etc etc. I’m fine with us not being anywhere near that and doing the best with what we have. The results on the pitch is all that matters at the end of the day, not what the fans are doing off it.

*** Cascadia is going to be the massive story in MLS this year. I’m glad we’re a part of it.

Mon the Caps.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Pej at 19:48

    “He's got a tea cosy, on his head, he's got a tea cosy on his head!”

    They definitely are very proud of themselves, aren't they?

  2. GoF at 21:33

    Oh I forgot all about that one! That was a classic. and yup, smug!

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