Whitecaps Football Shorts # 6

The first Whitecaps FC Daily aired on Team 1410 radio yesterday afternoon and it was a great listen for us “nerdy” types.

A decent radio magazine show, solely dedicated to the Caps, has been long overdue.

What was evident from the debut show is that not only does that hour go in hell of a quickly, it’s just not enough time to cover everything. I’m sure they could easily do two hours a day.

It’s also disappointing that it’s on from 3pm to 4pm. I would have loved a proper 5pm or 6pm drivetime show, when more people can listen live and aren’t stuck at their work trying to sneak a quick surreptitious listen.

When you listened to the crap that was on after it, it’s just infuriating!

There’s always the podcast though, so make sure you can check that out if you can.

It’s definitely a must listen for all Whitecaps fans.

Unfortunately work commitments meant that I missed the start of the Colorado friendly on Saturday.

The plus side of that is that all of the entrance stuff is going to be new and fresh to me on Saturday, just adding to the excitement.

One person I’m looking forward to hearing is the new national anthem singer Marie Hui.

After watching the Caps Whitecaps Idol video, Marie was head and shoulders above the competition, some of whom seemed like surprising finalists to me.

She’s a fantastic talent and we look forward to belting out “Oh Canada” with her in the Southside.

Talking of the Countdown ‘Til Kick-off videos, the Caps have certainly stepped up the quality of them the last few days.

Saving the best till last?

Yesterday’s video of Teitur going over the supporters pledge was probably our favourite one so far. the smashing of the dreaded vuvuzela over his knee was priceless. hopefully that gets the message across!

We were particularly intrigued though by the article reviewing the videos on the Whitecaps website.

“With only a few videos left before the season starts, fans are still left wondering…

Will goalkeeper Joe Cannon be shot out of a cannon?”

They obviously have something fun in store around this! We can’t wait to see what our idea turns into. Talk about creating a monster!

Finally, if you’re free this evening, then get yourself along to the Lamplighter Pub in Gastown.

The Southsiders are having a pre MLS kick off event where they’ll be taking in the Seattle-LA opening match, presenting some awards and there could be some special guests come along too.

Just another way to kill the wait until the TFC game!

Authored by: Michael McColl

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