Episode 533 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Believe Us Now? – Vancouver FC launched, Rob Friend, Afshin Ghotbi, Mark Noonan, Neil Grant, Canada World Cup song, MLS Cup)

Episode 533 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Believe Us Now? – Vancouver FC launched, Rob Friend, Afshin Ghotbi, Mark Noonan, Neil Grant, Canada World Cup song, MLS Cup)

We’re back with another packed show of Major League Soccer, Canadian Premier League, and Canadian soccer chat.

The World Cup in Qatar is just weeks away and as the tournament gets closer, the injury concerns for the Canadian national team continue to grow, with two players confirmed out and a scare with Alphonso Davies’ hamstring.

We delve into all of that but we cheer up with a world premiere of the new Canadian World Cup – Nobody Believed Us. We chat with the man behind it, friend of the show, Neil Grant and give the song its first spin.

Turning to club football, the newest Canadian Premier League side Vancouver FC had its official launch this week. We take a look at what we learned, hear from owner Rob Friend, chat with inaugural head coach Afshin Ghotbi, and talk with CPL Commissioner Mark Noonan about the new club, future expansion, and FC Edmonton’s fate.

Plus we look back at a dramatic MLS Cup final, look at Don Garber’s latest annual MLS State of the League conference, and chat about the rumoured changes to the league’s playoff format.

Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

01.30: Intro
05.55: Canada World Cup injury concerns grow
32.04: Neil Grant interview – part one
42.30: Wavelength – Neil Grant – Nobody Believed Us (A Canadian World Cup song)
45.53: Neil Grant interview – part two
60.00: Vancouver FC officially launched – with Rob Friend audio
81.43: Vancouver FC head coach Afshin Ghotbi interview and discussion
93.28: CPL Commissioner Mark Noonan interview
106.05: LAFC win MLS Cup
122.08: Don Garber’s State of the League address
127.55: New MLS playoff format on the horizon?

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Authored by: Michael McColl

There are 3 comments for this article
  1. phillip at 08:53

    Love the show, even in the off-season!

  2. Steve at 11:35

    Great show again. Can’t wait to attend the PFC-VFC derby next year.! Hoping the clubs can work something out for ferry walk-ons to get direct transport to the matches.

  3. The Village Servant at 17:09

    For Vanni,

    MLS Cup

    Money 1 – Talent 0. I’m feeling very confident at this point.
    Money 1 – Talent 1. Still confident.
    Money 2 – Talent 1. Press on!
    Money 2 – Talent 2. What’s This? Overtime? Oh I don’t like this.

    Crepeau breaks his leg stopping a sure goal and leaves the game a hero. FUUUUUUCK!!!

    Money 2 – Talent 3. My world has turned and I’m going to have to concede to Vanni and retract my earlier comments. FUUUUUUCK!!!

    Money 3 – Talent 3. YESSS!!! The Wales Wunderkind gets it done.

    End of Overtime. Everything is up in the air in the craziest final ever.

    The following Salaries provided by MLSPA

    On the line

    LA – McCarthy. $110,000.
    Philly – Blake. $550,000.

    From the spot

    Tello. $1,725,069.
    Bouanga. $2,083,333.
    Hollingshead. $393,750.
    Sanchez. $1,150,000.

    Gazdag. $586,250.
    Martinez. $333,500.
    Wagner. $360,000.

    LA total – $5,352,152.
    Philly total – $1,279,750.

    On the line, Talent won.
    From the spot, Money won.

    Vanni, we both live another day. Cheers mate!

    Michael, can see that this gets to Vanni? Thanks.

    Your Village Servant

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